Your business is about to transform, and achieve the results it's never achieved before.

Our methodology has been tried and tested, and for this transformation to occur we require your commitment and accountability for whatever results come. That’s because transformation lives inside of accountability.

Unique Mentors need you to commit with integrity and authenticity. We will support you in every way, shape and form so you and your business transform and achieve the results you desire and so rightly deserve.

In the past, Unique Mentors have all had their own business journeys and are experienced in the trials of starting, scaling and exiting business. We’ve also had our failures along the way! Our role now is to be your sherpa and guide on your journey.

We go on the journey together and we are prepared for whatever pops up. If we resist what pops up, then we’ve stopped creating the future we want. In our universe, there’s either resistance or creation – and we choose to create… create our future.

Be careful of controlling how you think it should go. If you think you know how you’re going to achieve your results, we ask you to pause, listen to your mentors and think about this:

If you knew how to achieve the results you want, then you would have already achieved those results.

Keeping things simple is our mantra, so we follow a basic 3 step process:


A review of your business from a 360 perspective to determine where your business is currently at, and where it will be in the future.


Create the steps necessary to achieve your goals.


Take Action! Take the actions that are outlined in the Plan. This can be you, or you and us working together.

We've created the conditions for optimal results through each of the following elements:

Best Practices

Implement the practices that resulted in our businesses being listed twice in BRW 100 Fastest Growing Companies.


The key to achieving results is to be 100% accountable and empowered.

Online Learning

All the education, tools, materials and support small business owners need to generate $1 million in annual revenue.


Leverage the trust that we’ve spent decades building and develop fast connections with the businesses you need to partner with.

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