Do you know how you can feel a bit bummed at the end of the year when you know in your heart there’s things you didn’t achieve? And you sweep the feelings under the carpet so you can try and enjoy the holiday and break from work.

Well … what we do is relieve these crap feelings by providing you with a phenomenal programme that causes you to achieve the results you’ve not yet achieved!

How amazing would it feel to be jumping with joy and excitement on Xmas day!!

Feeling this way creates lots of love, generosity, laughter and happiness for you, everyone you meet during your break…AND sets you up BIG TIME for 2020.

So, we’re daring you to start sprinting with us and achieve all the goals you can think of before Xmas.

Yes – ALL the goals you can think of!

Business or personal – we know they’re both tightly correlated and we encourage you to have both on your list.


  • The goals you want to achieve
  • Understanding of powerful new Mindset tools
  • Understanding of new Growth Hacking techniques
  • New methods of Communication
  • A Team to help guide you
  • An amazing¬† end to 2019!

Example goals:

  • Have 9 week online course completed and have enrolments open
  • Get 5 new paying customers
  • Create myself an extra 4hours of free time per week
  • Create a new loving relationship with my Aunty
  • Go to yoga twice a week until xmas

Goal achievement

Our XMAS SPRINT programme provides you with support, guidance and education from a range of powerful teachers

Our programme consists of:

  • The latest in Goal Achievement and Mindset techniques
  • Business Growth with Ian Markram – how to scale your business well into the millions
  • Intuition with Sheila V – how to trust your intuition and read the signs
  • Communication with Samuel McLennan – how to communicate and create your future
  • Completion sessions – Get realistic with what has happened in your past so you hold no bitterness, resentment, anger or fear. It’s necessary to clean these up before you can move forward.
  • Brain storming sessions – in a online group setting we work together and find your next steps.
  • Private online groups – get support and feedback between the weekly sessions
  • Accountability partner – hold you on track and to your word
  • 2 x weekly sessions – 2 x 1hr online session per week to educate, work through your challenges, breakdowns and guide you to your goals!

Price: $500pp (plus gst)

Please fill in the following form to apply and put your first 3 x ‘By Xmas goals’ you want to achieve in the message. Click here.


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