Leadership & Team Performance

The work we do here goes deep into people’s perceptions, communication and ways of being. We look at levels of trust, integrity, authenticity, reality, judgement, accountability, responsibility, acknowledgement, past results, predictable futures, fear, limiting beliefs, survival mechanisms, creating mechanisms and much more. As we shift the blockages that have been holding you or your team back – new and sometimes miraculous results start showing up.

Business Mentoring & Consulting

Building value within your business is fundamental to increasing growth and overall worth. We dive deep and find the elements that need care and attention: it may be certain people, teams, systems or processes, model or positioning…or what’s happening outside the business. The team at Unique Mentors works from a wholistic approach to identify the root of your value and performance issues.

E-Learning Programmes

Give you and your team the tools, education, materials and support you need to generate the results yourself.

Unique Mentors has helped build countless businesses and marketed them with a system that has consistently tripled revenues, profit and exposure in their marketplace – in the quickest time possible.

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