Our team members have decades of business experience and knowledge that has helped them achieve many goals for clients.

At Unique Mentors, our main focus is being with you for every step of your journey.

Ian Markram


As an entrepreneur, and having had many successful ventures, understands what it truly means to be an entrepreneur – “Ian has a impressive record yet has also had failure, allows him to learn a few lessons in his business journey. Ian has a true drive and passion for business and is keen share his own business methodology with clients, helping them benefit from his knowledge and mentoring them towards success.

Ian is an entrepreneur a thought leader and senior business executive with over 20 years’ experience. He excels at strategic thinking, innovation, building and mentoring teams, improving organisational culture and business operation/execution – particularly in the Analytics, Data and Digital world.

He has a unique ability to balance his detailed technical capabilities with strategic insights into the ‘big picture’ of analytics, data strategy and governance to achieve the most effective approach for his customers.

Ian is a professional investor and a member of the Sydney Angels network, actively participates in the startup scene in Australia as both an advocate for innovation, technology as well as a mentor to startup founders, and as an angel investor. He has a portfolio of investments that span commercial property, residential property, software and professional services.

Sam Mclennan


Sam is a transformation, performance and productivity coach that identifies the small and big things that prevent you, your team and your business from the achievements you want.

A founder who has completed the entrepreneurial journey, Sam has broad knowledge and experience after working with a range of leaders in diverse industries across the globe for over 25 years.

Be the person you’ve always known yourself to be and get the results you’ve never gotten. Sam teaches you how to see what’s in the way, how to clean up breakdowns, how to create whatever you want, how to cause other leaders to emerge around you and how to be a person that people love to be around and listen to.

Sam unlocks your highest performance and creates unlimited amounts of energy, creativity, personal connection and love for you.

And he does it with more ease and fun than you’ve ever had before 🙂


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