You’re at a cocktail party and you start chatting to the individual next to you. They ask “what do you do?” Most individuals simply say: I’m a lawyer, I’m an advisor or I’m a goldsmith. Boring isn’t it?

Most businesses tell their customers precisely and in very simple terms what they do… not realizing that it’s the wrong thing to say if you want to sound interesting or compelling.

What you need to know

Understanding the correct way to sell your product or service can make the difference between a wildly successful business, and an average one.

Why you need to know this

The truth is this. Nobody cares about who you are, or what it is that you do. They care about themselves, and what’s essential to them only. The secret is to sell what you do in terms of what your product or service can do for the client.

For instance, rather than saying “I’m a lawyer,” you would say, “I’m the foremost legal mind in the city, who can save you money, secure your financial future, and do it in less time guaranteed – or your money back.”

In the time it took to say that sentence would this entice you to act? That is the power of an effective “elevator pitch.”

The cost of failing to act

Do you have a 10 second elevator pitch? Do you have a more detailed follow up in case someone says “how do you do that?” If you don’t, you could lose out on a lot of business. Your elevator pitch is the essence of your business. It imparts value to your clients and without it you’re always going to compete on price alone.

Create your own unique elevator pitch, something that communicates value to your customers, and let us know whether we can help you to make it a “million dollar message.”

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