Web 2.0 is the future of marketing

Have you noticed that the return on investment for your marketing spend is spiralling downwards at a steady rate? You’re spending more money on advertising but seeing less customers in return?

What you need to know

What entrepreneur hasn’t encountered the frustration of spending hard cash on advertising and seeing very little in return? What is the cause of these declining returns?

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but the cause is … you! You’re an advertiser, and most people detest advertisers. They will do pretty much anything to not see your messages. Don’t believe me? Look at the examples in your own life. Do you have a “no-junk mail” sticker on your letterbox? Do you ignore phone calls from unidentified numbers? Do you walk around and avoid those salespeople who hang around shopping centres spruiking for all manner of commercial, and non-profit causes?

Why you need to know this

We need to acknowledge the facts. Getting through to your customers through the old methods of advertising won’t work any longer. The future of advertising is building up trust and rapport with your prospective clients. Web 2.0 is the most effective way to get through to your prospective clients because it is the social networking platform that your clients are spending time on each day, in increasing numbers.

On any given day your potential clients are meeting on blogs, participating in forums, and checking in on apps such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They’re producing their own content and loading it to YouTube. They may even have a personal blog. They’re also bragging about their experiences, boasting to their friends about the great products they are using, highlighting a new cafe or bar that they love, and at the same time ripping into the businesses or products which they hate.

What’s most powerful about this new platform is that your friends and acquaintances have far more integrity than you will ever have, since you are only seen as wanting a share of their wallet. No matter how compelling your message is it will never be trusted as much as when a friend shares it with you. It’s been demonstrated by hard facts that the best way to advertise these days is to get those friends of your prospective customers to recommend your product.

The expense to you in the event that you neglect to act…

Do you understand how to innovate your offer to exploit the power of Web 2.0?

You need to stop trying to sell to potential customers and rather, begin conversing with them.

Do you know those places on the web where your potential customers will congregate to talk about your business?

Do you understand how to position yourself as the “industry expert”… and become the “face” of your online community?

If you don’t comply with any of the above then you are missing a ton of potential business. You will always revert to competing on price because your customers cannot tell you from your competitors. And if you don’t innovate, or be perceived as providing value to your customers they will eat you up on social media.

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Do you know how your clients make their purchase decision?

Have you at any point given any thought as to exactly how your customers make their purchase decisions? What motivates them to make that purchase? Is it merely price that drives them, or are their multiple factors involved?

What you need to know

Believe it or not, cost is actually low down the list of considerations. People will always want the best deal, and in calculating the best deal price is only one of the factors to determine value. The recognition that your product offers best value controls their ultimate decision.

Why you need to know this

The key is to create uncommon value related to your industry. Once you create this you can charge a higher price, as long as your customers perceive your product or service as delivering good value for money. Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t understand how to create additional value which they can extend to their customers, and so much incremental revenue walks right by their door and on to their competitor.

A business needs to understand what it is that customers are looking for from their product or service and then use creativity to remove the roadblocks to customers. Many times a customer is frustrated with your business offer and you must put yourselves in their shoes to come up with a solution. The other common innovation is adding additional value to your product or service, going the extra mile so the customer feels like they are getting additional value.

A great example is, the vehicle owner who moves to a new town and requires a mechanic to service his car and is pleasantly surprised to find a business which offers free coffee and wifi so he can do some work whilst he’s waiting for his car. In addition he gets peace of mind from knowing there is a 60 day money back guarantee if he is unhappy with the service.

The cost to you if you fail to act…

If you fail to create and offer “additional value”, in the minds of your customers then they have no way of picking you out from your competitors. You will have no way to differentiate your business and will be destined to compete only on price. The problem with this is there is always going to be someone more desperate than you, someone willing to go below your price, and in this way your target gross margins are going to be destroyed. Your business success may soon follow the downward trend.

By differentiating your business offer you still stand out from your competitors. Your customers won’t even consider them so in effect it becomes a one horse race.

Once you innovate your offer you will begin to attract the customers who are willing to pay more but understand good value. These discerning, higher paying customers will continue to purchase from you over the long term. Your gross margin and net profits will increase as a result.

Search for ways to innovate, to differentiate your business so that you create additional value in the minds of your customers.

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