Do you know what the 80/20 rule is? Look through your clothes drawers and cupboards. You will find you use about 20% of them 80% of the time. Your business is the same : 20% of what you do each day at work is creating around 80% of your income. The flip side is : 80% of your activities produce just 20% of your income.

What if you analysed the 20% activities to uncover what makes them so productive and then applied this to the remaining unproductive 80%? You would see your income soar by a factor of 16.

What you need to know

The 80/20 theory above explains why the wealthy work less and earn more.

So why aren’t you successful? We would say it’s because you are spending too much of your time on the unproductive, low revenue earning activities, instead of the high earning activities.

Why you need to know this

The mundane day to day activities like answering the phone, attending to correspondence, taking long meetings that someone else should be taking care of, doing the payroll, taking care of bills are not going to bring in the high margin revenue that every business needs more of.

High margin revenue earners are things like creating innovative new products, improving work flows to streamline on time or costs, switching to advertising that actually works, creating joint ventures that cut costs whilst sending profits to the bottom line, or in some way differentiating your business from that of your competitor.

Focus on these activities as described above. Particularly those that you are good at or have some core competency. If there are areas you are not good at, than seek outside help or minimise the impact so that all of your energies are focused on the areas where you can have the biggest impact.

The cost of failing to act

Do you spend your days putting out fires, and being angry and emotional?
Do you know those high value activities which produce the largest impact on your bottom line? What if you replaced the unproductive time in your day and replaced it with the high value activities?

Our E-Learning Marketing System™ helps you learn these techniques rapidly and easily. Our system has been so effective that we have been bombarded with requests to share it with the very people that need it the most – small business owners.

It would be our pleasure to share this system with you.

Is it possible for an entrepreneur to work less and yet achieve more success in their business? Is there some magic to it, or is it a case of luck? Of being in the right place at the right time? Not at all. It just requires specific techniques and the discipline to apply it correctly each time so that it becomes a habit.

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