Do You Have A Unique Selling Proposition? If I were your prospective client, why would I buy your product instead of that of a competitor? That answer should be provided by your unique selling proposition.

What you need to know

A USP is the single, most distinct benefit that an entrepreneur offers – which differentiates them from their competitors. It is critical that a business owner not only develop their own compelling and unique USP but to use it in each piece of advertising you create, and in each type of marketing communication you use with your customers and potential customers.

Why you need to know this

Your USP, paired with your elevator pitch, makes for a tremendous competitive advantage for your business. Used effectively it will separate you from your competitors. It will compel customers to choose you over another company.

For instance, most entrepreneurs print the name of their business on the top of their business card. That is the worst thing you can put there. Nobody cares who you are. They care only about the advantages your product or service offers to them.

Rather than a lawyer’s business card saying “Sam’s Lawyers,” imagine it said instead, “Guaranteed legal work or your money back, done in Half the Time”

Wouldn’t this stir you into action should you be in the market for legal services? This is the power of a well considered Unique Selling Proposition.

The cost of failing to act

Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition? Is it used consistently across your business and all of it’s forms of marketing, including over our door, on your letterhead and on your business cards?

If you don’t, you’re losing a huge piece of potential income and the chance to use first mover advantage to dominate your market.

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