A hospitality industry business – The White Jacket Effect.

To stand up for an issue you deeply believe in takes vulnerability and courage. Amber has led by example with her business ‘The White Jacket Effect’. We are proudly working with her to lift the hospitatilty industry to new heights. Holding events is the first stage of her business which raises awareness and allows us to gain a deeper understanding about the issues at hand. The second stage is a to build a sustainable business model to support the industry with it’s needs and shift the industry into empowerment.  
Amber Dunsford – The White Jacket Effect

Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

This document – Positive mental health and wellbeing: connecting individual, social and global levels of wellbeing – explains how there is a powerful relationship between mental health and wellbeing. Positive mental health often reflects satisfaction with life, overall happiness and good mental functioning. Mental health is the most essential part of being able to flourish yourself and focus on individual wellbeing.

Read the full document here: https://www.mheducation.co.uk/openup/chapters/9780335244898.pdf

Is Your Ego Becoming a Liability?

This article – Is Your Ego Becoming a Liability? – discusses how it certainly takes a particular degree of ego and self-confidence to endeavour in ones own idea’s of success, but once you reach a certain level of success, ego can become a problem to the extent of limiting growth. Often managers that insist to put the last word in for every decision, limits other employee’s from taking ownership in their own ideas that then hinders confidence and individual growth, which consequentially effects the overall growth of the company.

Check the full article here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/207642

Ben Chestnut, CEO of MailChimp Proves Success Requires Patience

MailChimp was Inc.’s 2017 company of the year. This article provides evidence of how success requires patience. It has taken 17 years for CEO, Ben Chestnut, and his team to get where they are today. A company who used to fight for survival, to now growing at an average rate of $120 million every year. Chestnut admits he went through pain trying to get the business past the survival stage, even mentions he forgot what his own hobbies were. Now that the business is in a secure position, he feels more relaxed and is taking the time to rediscover his old hobbies.

Check the full article here: https://www.inc.com/magazine/201802/mailchimp-company-of-the-year-2017.html

Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs That Failed First

This article, Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs That Failed First, backs up our point in our previous post, success can bring failure first:

“as you face your own entrepreneur journeys, it is necessary to understand that not every good idea comes to action instantaneously, rather following the path of patience and perseverance” – Milton Hershey.

“Trust in yourself and take the time to perfect yourself – important to listen to others, and important to listen to yourself and your instincts” – Henry Ford.

“Knowing what you want, learning from mistakes and not taking criticism to heart in order to set your self on the path to success – Walt Disney.

Read the full article here: https://smartbusinesshacks.com/entrepreneurs-that-failed/

The Importance of Failure

This article – The Importance of Failure – conveys how it is important to understand that success does not come easily or quickly. The challenges success can bring along side it, can mean taking a few times to get it right. This article recognises that failure steers us towards the most valuable lessons and has the ability to strengthen the knowledge of entrepreneurs to find better ways to produce ideas and concepts.

Check the full article here: https://fee.org/articles/the-importance-of-failure/

The Best Leaders Are Intuitive Listeners

A great article – “Why Most Leaders Need To Shut Up And Listen” – explains that the best leaders are intuitive listeners – recognising the wisdom of others by listening. When people choose not listen to others, it is often because they are blinded by their ego’s and believe that they will not benefit or learn from what someone else has to say. Listening is a key skill in being able to show your willingness to learn and grow.

Read the full article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikemyatt/2012/02/09/why-most-leaders-need-to-shut-up-listen/#10ecdd7c6ef9