General Websites are OUT, Landing Pages Are IN!

Before you spend thousands on a website have a read of this. You may just need a simple website to explain the features of your service. 

In the early days of business it’s a generally a real struggle to get more people wanting what you offer. It’s a dream come true if you didn’t have to do any marketing or advertising and you have all the leads you could handle.

Most small business owners have limited ideas around how to successfully attract potential customers to their business. And they’re overwhelmed with putting those strategies in place – some are quite technical and require a degree to operate effectively. For Example: Click Funnels, Facebook & Google Ad’s, the suite of Social Media platforms, website design and development, Search Engine Optimisation and email marketing for instance.   

A number of you are already familiar with the 80/20 rule and for those that don’t it just means that 20% of what you do everyday generates 80% of your revenue. (Check out Pareto’s Law if you’d like to know more). 

If that’s the case, that means that 1 in 5 things you do during the day is actually generating you more money! Sorry to say the truth here but the rest is really getting you nowhere. 

So would you be interested to know what those 1 in 5 things are? Of course you would!

It boils down to one of these 5 areas: 

  • Leads, customer conversion, customer transactions, product price and profit. 

We have a tool called the Profit Growth Calculator and it takes in the quantitative data (i.e. the numbers) about your business. 

i.e. In the past 12 months, do you know the exact number of leads and sales for your business? 

Most business owners say no to this question and that’s totally fine. So, we’ll use some simple numbers to make an easy example. Let’s just say you:

– generated 1000 leads last year 

– had an average conversion rate of 25%

– had customers purchase from you 10 times during the year

– your customers pay (on average) $100 per puchase

– had a profit margin average is 25%

And we put this into the tool like we show in the image below. 


With just a 10% increase in the five areas (and 10% is quite a small improvement) you can see how the profit nearly doubles. There’s obviously nothing wrong with that kind of improvement and most business owners would be happy with those kind of results. 

But what does a 50% increase look like? Most business owners we talk to think that this kind of improvement is near on impossible. And that’s a fair comment to make when most of them are only generating their leads from referrals, word of mouth and a few that come from their website. Referrals are a great source of leads and it’s actually one of the best sources as it comes from an independent source (trust can be surrounded with the source as well). However, they’re not a reliable source of leads and you can’t generate them whenever you want – so that’s a big problem for growing a business. 

What’s required is a solution that consistently generates leads. And here’s where we get to the pointy end of the stick. We’re sure you’ve tried putting some adverts out there or some marketing material (fridge magnets, flyers, websites, Google & Facebook Ad’s etc) and you’ve probably spent a few thousand dollars on them and a bunch of time. And you’ve probably not gotten the results you wanted. 

The big mistake we keep on seeing is that their marketing doesn’t enter the conversation that’s going on inside the head of their prospect. It doesn’t resonate with the questions that are going on for the prospect and it doesn’t align with their thought process or where they are at. 

This misalignment causes the marketing material to be pushed to the side and the potential customer goes off and does other things. ‘Delete, rip it up, next web page are common thoughts for them’. 

Being successful with marketing and generating more leads requires some different thought about someone else and what they might be thinking – i.e. you need to get in their shoes for a day and experience what it’s really like to be living in their world. 

From their perspective, there’s two major things that are going on: 

There’s a problem they have and they don’t want … and there’s a result they want but don’t have. 

And because we understand this and have put a lot of thought into it, we’ve developed a marketing formula that takes the answers from these two statements and creates a message so attractive for your customers that they feel like they’d really miss out if they didn’t buy what you sell. 

Now that’s phenomenal and we see great results from the marketing we assist business owners create.   

We call this the Conversion Equation and it has four main components: 

  • Interrupt
  • Engage
  • Educate
  • Offer

The Headline is the Interrupt and it does this because it’s the first thing someone sees when they go to a website, read your marketing material or hear what you have to say. 

Now, we’re sure you’ve heard of the saying “First Impressions Count” and so that’s exactly what this Interrupt headline is related to cause a big impact with. It’s either the first thing you say when they ask what you do, or it’s the first thing they read on your marketing material. And it must resonate with ‘The problem they have and don’t want’.

The Sub-Headline is the Engage component and is the second thing someone sees after they’re read the Interrupt Headline. The wording here must resonate with second major thought they have:  ‘The result they want but don’t have’. 

The information you provide in the next segment is where you Educate them (either verbally or in writing). You present the evidence that positions your business as the clear leader of your competitors. 

Yes – You’re the LEADER and your potential customers see this. They can do their research with your competitors but you’re the clear winner and you easily dominate the market. Your business is so innovative that they’d be foolish to go with anybody else – you provide so much more value that they’re happy to pay MORE than what your competitors charge. Now that’s a seriously powerful position! 

Most businesses don’t clearly separate from their competitors and innovate. So this makes it really difficult for your potential customer to choose who to go with. Unfortunately, price ends up being the tipping point. 

So, Innovation is the key here. It makes your business unique and separate from all else. You’re not resistible … your irresistible and that’s what the Offer segment is all about.  

Marketing is so everwhere these days that there’s communication coming at you left right and center. Everyone has become numb to most marketing that it’s rare and somewhat enjoyable when we find some that resonates.  

Our Conversion Equation creates powerful messaging that cuts through the junk marketing messages. However, as you know in business – that’s not all 🙂 It generally still takes time to build trust with your new prospect before they will buy what you sell. It takes numerous ‘touch points’ to answer the range of questions they have – and for most businesses that can be in the range of 20 to 100! Now that’s a lot of touch points and what we find is that this is significantly reduced when our Conversion Equation template is applied to the marketing. 

And out of the thousands of businesses we’ve talked to, most of them don’t follow up the prospects they’ve been in contact with. And this is one of their biggest areas to generate more revenue – it’s a MASSIVE opportunity they’re missing out on.  

To realise the full potential of this opportunity and get your message in the hands of your prospects at least 5 times you MUST find a powerful way to build trust and have them provide their contact information. This is the whole purpose of the Offer segment. 

Most marketing that businesses use is only appealing to people that are wanting to buy right NOW. Unfortunately most businesses don’t even know that this is where their marketing is targeted and it only is interesting for people who are wanting to purchase immediately. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that until you know that NOW buyers only make up between 1-3% of the total number of people that are interested in buying what you sell!   

We can easily spot this in their marketing because it says things like: ‘Free Assessment’, or ‘Free Consultation’, ‘a Discount’, ‘Call Us Now and we’ll give you a FREE quote’ or similar words to that effect.    

This is a huge mistake! And we find it on their website, business cards and flyers – and their sole offer is their phone number or a contact form to fill in (so they can call you back). This only appeals to the 1-3% of NOW buyers and the remaining 97-99% of prospects are just gathering information and investigating you and what you sell. 

This is normal behaviour because they want to see who is offering the best value. And if you don’t already know that people shop on value and not price, then here’s a great lesson. 

Yes, people shop on price when businesses don’t offer them different value from their competitors.  Their main value proposition is a cheaper price or a discount! Talk about crazy. 

Now how can your business grow if you’re just undercutting everyone’s price? All that’s happening is a race to the bottom. There’s no market domination or uniqueness and only serves the people that don’t want better value.

And when there’s nothing but this type of marketing people are literally forced to shop by price.   

Does your website provide this type of messaging?  Compare it with a website we revised for a child psychologist. Here’s how it looked before we worked with him:  

Doctor Website 1

As we’ve already said, we notice this type of messaging all the time and this is standard practice for most businesses. It reads pretty much identical to this and they all have generic headlines that describe what they do: i.e. ‘Parenting Advice & Resources from Dr XXX’ 

They try and be all things to all people. They try and spread their net as wide as possible so they can catch everything that comes in close proximity. He basically deals with adolescent problems and helps parents deal with the issues: teen pregnancy, peer pressure, behavioural problems, teenage rebellion etc. 

Does he have a Market Dominating Position? No, he doesn’t because he’s trying to be all things to all markets. But he could position himself as a leader in each of those markets and have 9 Market Dominating positions. 

To explain further, imagine he chose to be a leader in just one area, say Emotionally Disturbed Children. These are the kids that scream, yell and don’t listen to their parents – sometimes they even threaten them. There’s no reasoning with children like this and most parents have no idea how to deal with this. 

And because this doctors website is so generic we recommend developing a squeeze page – a single web page that targets ONE particular issue. He could do squeeze pages for each particular issue but let’s keep things simple and get results from one before going into doing all/many of them. 

So for this squeeze page, the content must enter the conversation that’s going on inside the head of the potential customer. What we know is that ‘There’s a problem they have that they don’t want…and there’s a result they want but don’t have’.  This covers the first two components of the Conversion Equation – Interrupt and Engage. The Interrupt component covers the Headline and it is essential to address ‘the problem they have and don’t want’. 

To get more understanding of what we did for the doctor, please look at the image below. You’ll notice the Headline stands out. And it gets straight to the point and the reality of what’s really going on for these parents. Would you say it hits the nail on the head and would Interrupt them in their tracks?  

As for the Engage component, the subheadline, it needs to address the part ‘the result they want but they don’t have’. And would you say that it nails this question and hits the nail on the head there too? 

Doctor Website 2

The next component of the Conversion Equation is Educate.

You can hear in the video on the original website that the doctor says “I welcome you to my parenting business and you will find heaps of great information here…and hundreds of pages of articles”.

Now, we don’t work in the world of right or wrong. What we see is this isn’t workable for his potential clients. The reason is because they don’t have the time to read hundreds of pages of articles! They have a specific problem and they want a solution as quickly as possible. 

So, are you starting to get a sense why most websites don’t have a very good conversion rate and are generally a complete waste of money (and time from the founders)?  They struggle to address the things your potential clients are really looking for. 

We created a completely new script for the doctor and it radically changed the thoughts of his potential customers: 

As a parent, is it a big effort and struggle for you to get control of your child? Do they scream and yell at you, pay no respect and sometimes threaten you in an angry tone and no matter what you try or do… you just can’t get them under control?

Every day I help parents like you learn techniques that solve these frustrating and destructive problems once and for all. My name is Dr. John Smith, and I’ll prove it to you if you enter your name and email in the box to the right. I’ll email you a series of powerful 60 second techniques that will immediately cause peace and quiet in your home”. 

Do you think this is a bit more inviting and low risk for the prospects? 

The final component to look at in the Conversion Equation is the Offer. The doctors original offer was a free consultation and that’s really only applicable for the NOW buyers. Remember 97-99% of buyers aren’t ready to buy and they’re concerned if they get on the phone to you that all you’re going to do is sell you something. Anything that’s like ‘Call me or Call us’ is basically saying ‘I’m going to try my hardest to sell to you if you give me a call’.   

In this day and age we’re all sick to death of companies trying to sell something to us. We struggle to pick up the phone when it’s a private number through fear of some call center. We really don’t like it unless it’s actually for something we’re looking for (rare). And if we do pick up the phone half of the time it’s an incentive offer (buy now and get x for free) which really only work for common purchases, emergency situations and impulse buys. 

The big question becomes:

How do you market to people so you can get in communication with them at least 5-12 times? You need to build trust with your brand and business. And they don’t really want to call you so what do you do? 

Secretly, the power in marketing comes when you give your prospects the thing they really want – INFORMATION! 

YES! INFORMATION! It’s zero risk to them and they know that if they get sold to in an email they can easily say no (face to face is much harder to say the word ‘no’). If the information is great (which the new squeeze page is saying that it is), then you’ve just given them something they really want – a solution to their problem. 

And all they need to do is enter their name and email address – No talking to anybody or be situated near any type of sales pitch. Do you think:  “Learn The Secrets To Gaining And Maintaining Complete Control Of Your Child In Less Than 60 Seconds” is a highly attractive offer and would appeal to a large number of prospects if they were directed to this page? 

Can you also see we call this a squeeze page because there are no navigation elements or actions on this page except  ‘enter your name and email’. If they don’t enter the information they need to close the page and this is when we can redirect them to the main website to see if there’s something else that might grab their attention. 

What people want is the truth – and nothing but the whole truth is good enough. So, the information that’s provided for free is designed to provide proof that the doctor can do what he says. And then there’s the offer to schedule an appointment – because trust has more likely been built. 

For the original website the doctor easily generates 300 or more leads per month using a PPC campaign on Facebook. His conversion rate is around 10% of those leads. That means about 30 prospects will see his offer of a free consultation and call to inquire further. 

Getting deeper into the sales problem, let’s unpack this further. 

Out of the 10% that was left, only 10% will call and consent to a consultation (i.e. 3 prospects). For this type of industry it’s quite common for doctors to have a very high conversion rate. 100% is not uncommon so these 3 prospects will turn into 3 new customers. The net effect is that 1% of all leads will get converted into clients (typical statistics). – that’s the national average. 

Now is that acceptable for you or not? 

Let’s now look at the new squeeze page and leave the number of leads the same (300 per month). Do you think this new page will increase the number of prospects that will request the free doctors secrets about gaining complete control of their child? He was getting 10% on his old site but what is a more likely offer on the new site? 

Anywhere between 50% to 70% is common but let’s keep it at a low 20% to make it conservative. This means that 60 prospects receive the secrets by email and see for themselves that the doctors methods work. And once they see this, what percentage will call up for a consultation? (the original was 10%). 

Once again, we see responses in the range of 50% to 70% continually but to keep numbers conservative and build trust let’s keep it at 10%. And it’s fair to say the doctor maintains his conversion rate of 6 people signing up for consultation. That’s a big difference to the 3 people with his old website. 

Would an extra 3 patients be valuable to you as a doctor? 

The next step is to look at the financial impact this has. Let’s say the doctors fee is $800 per treatment. This means an extra $2400 per month is generated ($28,800 annually). That’s a dramatic spike in revenue considering we’re being quite conservative! All we did was a small amount of work on his website. 

Would it be possible to generate results like this for your business? Do you know how many leads came to your business in the last 12 months or for this month?

If we could create a similar process for your business do you think your potential customers would like the information? Especially if it gets them closer to the answer they want but don’t have? 

If so, how much extra revenue could this generate your business? Even if you stick with the same conservative conversion numbers as the doctor. 

This is all assuming we don’t increase the number of leads you get or your final conversion rate. If you said your last month’s revenue was $25,000… then just this one change alone adds an additional $25,000 to your bottom line.

We consistently perform case studies of our work. In a recent one we found an additional $58,000 in annual revenue using this one simple strategy.

But what’s SUPER POWERFUL is that this is not just a one-time increase. It continues to deliver year after year. 

And then the valuation of the company starts to increase in the range of $150,000 – $200,000.

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