Don’t be a Drip – A Drip Campaign Causes More Conversions

When we talk to business owners and ask them how many times they follow up with prospects that don’t buy from them – the common answer is None. 

How many times do you contact people that don’t purchase from you? 

And why is that? Most people think that it’s because the prospect isn’t interested in the product. That may be true for when you had the contact with them but what about later on? And what if they were just sussing you out and comparing you against the competition. 

Remember, on average, that less than 3% of people are ready to buy NOW. That leaves a whopping 97% of people who are still in the market for what you sell and are waiting for the most valuable and trusted organisation to stand out from the crowd. And they’ll become your customer in the future if you keep in communication with them, nurture them and stay in touch on an ongoing basis.  

Unfortunately most small business owners don’t have much of an idea about this and end up leaving vast amounts of money on the table. Did you know that 80% of all sales occur between the 5th and the 12th point of contact between the business and the prospect?

80% is HUGE! It’s a massive opportunity to generate more customers and therefore more revenue. 

To get access to this 80% then all you need to do is implement a drip campaign. It delivers messaging to customers or potential purchasers on a scheduled and regular basis. 

What’s cool about drip campaigns is that you can leverage information you’ve already created. If you’ve developed a FREE informational guide then all you need to do is cut out specific segments from there and send it to them. Now that’s making good use of time and leveraging the work that’s been done before. 

Here’s an example for a sunroom company. Now, when people are renovating their home they love to get their hands on nice brochures to assist with creating their own ideas for their sunroom. So, the sunroom company decided to go ahead and develop an Idea Guide

Lead Generation Alternatives

Lead Generation Alternatives

As you can see, there’s variety in the pictures and it took a bit of time to develop (and cost for a designer). 

Sadly, only 20% of people who request the brochure will actually read it! Initially they have every intention to read it but life gets in the way and it gets put on the pile of other things to do.

The first trick is to get their contact details so we can build trust with them by sending them more information (start our 5-12 touch points). And we use the same content in the Idea Guide to save us time and money. 

Notice how we start out the Idea Guide by listing the 7 Benefits of Owning a Sunroom and the first benefit is ‘Enjoying the outdoors 365 days of the year’. Now, that’s a great benefit and a big reason why someone would purchase a sunroom, but the sad thing is that 80% of people won’t even read it. 

So, we gently put the information in front of them again in a drip campaign. This increases the chance they’ll notice it and even more so if we use a different medium – email or post cards are efficient and effective ways to do this.  The great thing about snail mail is that people aren’t really using it anymore – so that means it actually gets noticed when it does appear in their letterbox. Put a magnet on the back and they’ll see it every time the go to the fridge!

  Lead Generation Alternatives

Benefit number 4 says ‘Owning a sunroom recharges your solar batteries’. Many people are aware of the health benefits of getting the daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun…and so that was the topic of the next communication.  

    Lead Generation Alternatives


The drip campaign goes on and on like this – giving them snippets of information that slowly builds more and more trust. You probably notice that some people are resistant to your suggestions and they say things like ‘Oh I’m not ready for that…or… I’m all good and fine’ – but that’s just them being concerned about being ripped off, being concerned about money or some other concern. So these types of people need to be nurtured. 

For those people who are concerned about the financial outlay money, benefit number 5 is major as it provides education about how a sunroom actually increases the value of their home. So, it’s great to send that information out again. 

    Lead Generation Alternatives


I’m assuming you’re starting to get the point about how the value of the drip campaign. And how to create it with the least amount of effort and cost. 

Interestingly, from a lead generation point of view, let’s go back to the Child Psychologist and have a look. We said he averaged 300 leads per month. With the implementation of an Informational Offer a (conservative) 20% would opt in to read it. And out of the 60 people that read it, a (conservative) 10% would become patients (i.e. 6). Now, the interesting point is that 54 people DID NOT become his patients. 

And so those are the people that are resistant (for whatever reason) and more trust can be built. Such people are perfect for the drip campaign. We can reasonably assume that 2 of them will purchase in 30 days.  

If the doctor continues his advert and continues to generate an average of 300 leads per month, we can assume this pattern will continue month after month.  

Check out how this looks from a mathematical point of view (month by month): 

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

Month 6

Month 7

Month 8

Month 9

Month 10

Month 11

Month 12


54 + 52

54 + 52 + 50

54 + 52 + 50 + 48

54 + 52 + 50 + 48 + 46

54 + 52 + 50 + 48 + 46 + 44

54 + 52 + 50 + 48 + 46 + 44 + 42

54 + 52 + 50 + 48 + 46 + 44 + 42 + 40

54 + 52 + 50 + 48 + 46 + 44 + 42 + 40 + 38

54 + 52 + 50 + 48 + 46 + 44 + 42 + 40 + 38 + 36

54 + 52 + 50 + 48 + 46 + 44 + 42 + 40 + 38 + 36 + 34

54 + 52 + 50 + 48 + 46 + 44 + 42 + 40 + 38 + 36 + 34 + 32


The doctor will have generated 4080 new prospects by the end of the first year. And then he would generate an additional 72 new clients through his squeeze page. 

Then through his drip campaign, due to the compounding effect, he generates an additional 156 new clients. Yes, we agree that not all prospects will become patients and so we are happy to be conservative here. And so let’s just say he generated half of that (i.e. 78) – and that’s still a huge improvement from before.   

It gets to the point where 1 doctor can’t handle all the patients. He can grow the practice by getting more doctors in. Alternatively, he can turn off the Lead Generation as the drip campaign will still keep on producing results. 

So how does this strategy look for your business? If you’re the only business in your market doing this you’ll be a market leader in no time and you’ll see an increase in the number of clients quite quickly. If you look at your total sales revenue for last year and take a conservative 10% of that – then this is what a drip campaign can do for you. And it can easily double each year if you keep the campaign in place. Are you now starting to see how you can outgrow your competition when you start putting a few of these strategies in place? 


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